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Escrow [08 Sep 2014|02:36pm]
or to be specific, escrow SHORTAGE. Again. Our plan for covering the 500+ pain in the ass this year has fallen through, so I haven't a clue as to what I'm gonna do this time. I don't feel like trying to sell shit rapid-fire, because that ends up being more like a second job involving me getting rid of my stuff (although if there's anyone reading who might want a fair sized run of DC Star Trek comics that are signed by Peter David and Arne Starr they should talk to me. 70 some odd issues, more than half signed by one, the other or both. I also have a fairly large punisher run signed by Jimmy Palmiotti and Bill Rienhold.)

It will work out, just not sure how yet.

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Politics [01 Sep 2014|04:51pm]
Y'know, I've come to the conclusion that both conservatives and liberals are totally bugfuck crazy, but I get insulted more harshly and often by liberals. Progressives are bullies, even though they are supposed to be totally against bullying. But hey, it's ok I guess as long as you only attack those who don't adhere to your party's POV and morality.

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The time has come, and not unexpectedly. [01 Sep 2014|01:25pm]
The time when things are at their worst, when trusted friends turn on you because the deluge of bad events in your life has caused your outlook to sour. It's the time when you need your friends the most, but instead, they ask one another behind your back "What's WRONG with X?" instead of asking you. When their politics clashes so with your own that they'd rather cast you aside or insult you rather than admit that both sides of politics are ugly and bringing this country down around our ears. When bad things pile up, it's ok for people to be in a black mood because of it, except of course, for you.

Maybe I AM getting to the point where I "need help" or "need therapy", but why would you think turning on me would make matters any better? Of course, so far, no one will come clean as to having problems with me behind my back, and I really don't expect them to. It would just be nice to know who I can and can't trust to have my back anymore, besides the handful that I know are beyond reproach.

And maybe I really AM going crazy. God knows people have cracked under lesser strains than I've been under this craptastic year. But telling me all the bad things are "karmic backlash" for my own bitterness and pain is bullshit. Telling me I am responsible for two deaths in the family (and yeah, Remo may have been just a pet to most, but to me he was family) from cancer, one of my most trusted friends dying, my father almost dying AND having more heart trouble, and my wife losing her job is a load of crap. How the fuck can anyone be responsible for things like that? But there it is, I'm a horrible, unhappy, bitter person and that's the cause of all these bad things. It's not the bad things making me unhappy and bitter or anything.

I know who the people who actually give a shit are. As for the rest, whether I weed out who they might be or not, fuck 'em. If they don't wanna be part of the solution, they are part of the problem, and I don't fuckin' need them around.

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[23 Aug 2013|12:02am]
Kevin White (aka john_mark_carr/coffee_and_scream) has shuffled off his mortal coil. Most of LJ knew him as a cantankerous troll with no filter. I knew him as a friend. He will be missed.

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still alive...old friend. [23 Mar 2013|01:24pm]
Figured I'd better post something so the russkies don't delete my LJ. Facebook games eat my time, well, that and chasing the stupid dog out of everything he shouldn't be getting into.

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[28 Oct 2012|08:49pm]
Why are there random fucking video and animated ads showing up all over every LJ page I look at, over top of peoples photos and text? I think it's time to start killing ad execs like they were zombies for intrusive bullshit like this!
Looks like LJ is done for as far as I'm concerned.

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[08 Aug 2012|10:12pm]
Having computer issues, spent a week without my machines functioning. Might be able to get it back up to snuff on friday. First world problems, amiright?

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A quote from the type of president we could do well to have the likes of in office today. [10 Jul 2012|11:47pm]
'In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American....There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language.. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.'
Theodore Roosevelt 1907

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Another post, andother con. [23 Jun 2012|08:22am]
Two in one day, man, I feel all prolific and shit. This one is all about Origins Gaming Expo in Columbus, which Pam and I decided to go to pretty much last minute because Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day were the big guests, as well as 3 of the best Star Wars novelists of all time-Timothy Zahn, Michael Stackpole, and Aaron Allston. I was kinda obligated to show for this one, as Wil was the last Star Trek: TNG cast member signature I needed to complete the entire crew, and he was only 2 hours away give or take. No way I could pass on that, especially for a mere ten dollar day pass to the show. So, on the road again, Fozzie.
Pam and I arrived after a harrowing search for parking. Columbus sucks that way. But the entry line was way short, and Wil & Felicia were right there signing with lines that were also negligable to one who has waited almost 3 hours in other autograph lines in the past. Wil oohed and ahhed over my script from the episode "The Big Goodbye" which is signed by everyone else except Gates McFadden. I have her on a photo, story for another time. He was especially impressed that Uncle Mike had attached the shooting schedule to it, and briefly talked about remembering the soundstages they were filming on at the time. Dude was cool, definitely one of us fanboys at heart. Then we move on to the very lovely Felicia Day.

I had brought my Free Comic Book Day copy of her comic "The Guild", based off her web show of the same name. Got a great deal-a free pic after paying for an autograph, which I let Pam pick to get signed for her. Felicia was asking if I enjoyed the book, and talking about the art, when suddenly she stops signing in mid-autograph and points to herself on the cover (note:she was drawn in her miniskirted World of Warcraft game style costume SQUATTING on a sandy beach) and bellowed "SANDGINA!!!!" at the top of her lungs while sporting the most evil ear-to-ear grin! She and I started laughing, then her grin got even bigger and sh pointed to Pam and screamed "I made her blush!!!" To which Pam replies, "I went there." She was as red as the cover to my Trek script. Felicia looked to her, pointed to the drawing again, and said "You're a woman, you know what I mean-what woman would squat like this on sand in a miniskirt? Sand in BAD PLACES! What was the artist thinking?" She was great. AND she got Pam thinking about her ladybits, which is usually MY job, so good on her!

next was a lot of conratting, basic dealer's room stuffs, then we met up with Bill and Denine for a bit. I got all my books and a couple of con programs signed by the SW authors, and Pam bought the annotated anniversary edition of heir to the Empire direct from Tim Zahn, the author. He's a cool dude. So, for the third time in just around a month, perfect con for me once again! Score! Dinner with Bill and Denine was at Fado Irish Pub in Easton, one of our favorite places to go when Mid Ohio Con was at the Easton Hilton. Haven't been in a loooong time, maybe 5-7 years now. Still good. I spent too much due to beers and curry fries, bur it was worth it. The next show I'm hitting will be Horror Hound Indy in Sepember, where they will have several cast members from Aliens, including Carrie (Newt) Henn, who as far as I know has never done a con, at least, not in the states. Aliens was her first and only film, as she decided not to pursue an acting career once it was filmed. If anything interesting happens between now and then, maybe I'll come back and write about it.

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In which he has a second triumphant con in less than a month, and some first-world problems. [23 Jun 2012|08:00am]
I've noticed there's been a recent influx of folks visiting my LJ here, and I feel kind of bad that I haven't updated since Pitts Con to give 'em something to read. So, here, have a post!

After Pittsburgh, life was boring until Motor City Comic Con rolled around in May. I loaded another full half-box of comics into the Rolling Box o' Doom (TM), my friend J.D. picked me up, and off we went to glorious Novi, Michigan. J.D. is a fellow gun enthusiast and concealed carry guy, and he convinced me that I should break my concealed cherry and pack heat, so I thought "why not?" and strapped the pistol to my hip. Michigan is an open and concealed carry state just like Ohio, and shares reciprocity with Ohio CCW Permit holders, so it was all good. J.D. checked with the con before we left, and their attitude toards carry was basically "Just be intelligent and responsible." Not difficult for me, as I have gun safety and responsibility was ground into me at a very young age.

I did not costume because I was feeling lazy, plus being Silent Bob kinda sucks without a Jay, and the only wrestler there-John Morrison-wasn't worth suiting up as Cactus Jack for. Mick and the Divas seem to really dig my Cactus costume, but Morrison doesn't seem like the type to enthused about such things, and he was charging WAAAAAY too much for an autograph. J.D. however, donned his Umbrealla Corp. Security Goon outfit and, just to be amusing, holstered his very real Beretta openly in the shoulder rig (remember, open carry is legal there). He removed the mag and emptied it, but don't worry, he still had a live piece on his person. All day he got a lot of "Wow, that is the best looking replica gun I've ever seen! Very Nice!" comments. Only one person saw through it, but they thought it was cool too, so no worries there.

Anyway, on to con biz. This year they didn't have a map in the program, so finding comics creators was not easy. We managed though, and by the end of the show I'd gotten everything signable signed once again (exceptions being books for people who didn't show up. Jason Pearson FINALLY decided not to cancel on a show I brought his books to, so after three years he's now added to the collection). Happy Snoopy dance, everything signed in less than half a day!! Then the rest of my $$ went bye-bye to get Patricia Quinn (Magenta from Rocky Horror), Deep Roy (Droopy McCool from Return of the Jedi, all the Oompa Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and Scotty's wee green friend from Star Trek, which he had just wrapped filming of part two the week before. Very Cool!), Cory Dee Williams (one of the Klatuus from ROTJ as well as his dad Billy Dee's stunt double-that's him, hanging from the skiff over the Sarlaac.) and a fella whose name escapes me at present that played a Gammorrean Guard in ROTJ. Incidentally, that puts the autograph count on the booklet from my SW Original Trilogy LASERDIC (yeah, I'm that old!) at 37 signatures, leaving very very little room left on it. To think, mark Hamill was the very first name on that book, way back on my 25th birthday. J.D. kept trying to trade me guns or buy it outright, but no way. Maybe I should see what he will offer me for my spare George Lucas autograph?

There was a big surprise-my buddy, Black Lightning artist Eddie Newell, was marrying his sweetheart right there at the show! He invited us, but we ended up having to decline because driver J.D. needed food badly; we hadn't eaten all day, we were done with everything else, and 4 pm was more than an hour away with nothing to distract us. I was bummed, because Eddie is a great guy and his fiance a real sweetheart, but to be fair, the wheelman gets to call the shots because ultimately, I'm on his time. So, off we went to hit up our favorite Irish Pub & Grub, Gus O'Connors. Now this place is authentic-the owner not only brings in Irish barbacks straight from Dublin on work visas, but the upstairs flooring is part of the actual original floor from the Guinness Brewery at St. James' Gate!! Bonus, the food is most excellent! Part of the appeal to going to Motor City has been eating there every year, and boy were we looking forward to it! But hey, what's that sign on the door? CLOSED PERMANENTLY? PROPERTY SEIZED? NON PAYMENT?!?!?! To steal a line from Father, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Fuckbeans, we had to eat at BD's Mongolian Grill, something we can bloody well do at home. Ah, well, at least we got to hang out there with Brian Smith and his friends, one of whom was Eric, the first comic shop owner I ever bought an issue of X-Men from. I hadn't seen him since 1990. Good bloke. But that was pretty much it, perfect show again, except for losing Gus O'Connors. Guess next year we will try the sushi joint, or maybe the Indian place. Le sigh.

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